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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year; A New Challenge

For Christmas, my WONDERFUL husband suprised me with a Nikon D80 digital camera with a Tamoron lens.  As you can probably already tell, I am SUPER new to the photography world but extremely enthusiastic to dive into this fascinating world!  This leads me to the topic of my first entry.  A very creative friend of mine first expired my interest in photography by posting 1 self-portait per week for an entire year. Therefore, I have decided that the best way to really learn my camera, expand my knowledge, and challenge my creativity is to join in on the fun!

Each week has a new challenge therefore each week I will upload several of the photos I have taken as well as the one I've submitted to the project. I will also try to post a link to the project page for access to all the other great photography enthusiasts who are joining in on the fun!

Since I will also be traveling a great deal of the year for clinicals, I will also use this blog to keep friends and family updated on my adventures!

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  1. It always thrills me to see people begin blogs! Especially about such a great subject matter. :) Happy 2012. Enjoy your 52 journey.